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Terms and conditions


Terms and Conditions for Reservations

The following terms and conditions shall apply to any passenger who made his/her reservation with Canary Transfer Services.

Merchandise delivery policy

Canary Transfer Services only offers transfer services and no merchandise delivery. According to our Terms and Conditions, the transport service is considered being the delivery of merchandise.

Canary Transfer Services is part of Transporte de Viajeros Hyperion Canarias S.L. whose address is Calle Tortola 6, Nº 1, 35660 Corralejo (Las Palmas) Spain. Business registration number B76247071.

Sales Policy – Reservations

The person making the reservation must be over 18 years of age and is responsible for following all the steps of the online booking system, making sure that all the information provided is correct and complete and making the payment in full. In case the amount of passengers or luggage is not in accordance with the reservation made, and not notificated upfront eventual ajustment of the price, Canary Transfer Services has the right to refuse the execution of the service without any rights for the clients to a refund.

Once the reservation is formalised with Canary Transfer Services (Transporte de Viajeros Hyperion Canarias S.L) The company will perform all the necessary procedures to comply with the requested services.

The client must confirm receipt of our notifications. In case we don’t receive a confirmation of the email, the records stored in our mail server will be considered sufficient proof of receipt.

Our confirmation message of collections and payments made by the client will not be considered proof of the existence of a binding contract.

We recommend you highly to print and carry with you the confirmation email in addition to the proof of transfer, to present the driver of Canary Transfer Services on arrival if requested. If the holder of the reservation cannot show the coupon, it is possible that the transport operator does not provide the service.

It is expressly forbidden for minors to request services from the company, and their parents, guardians or legal representatives should contact us immediately in the case that a child has booked a service with us to proceed with its cancellation. Minors should always travel in the company of an adult passenger.


Full payment is required at the time of booking or before beginning the required service. We accept the most widespread means of payment, such as credit cards (American Express, MasterCard/Diners International, Visa), debit cards (Visa/Delta, Visa/Electron).

The charge will be in Euros and query tools possible exchange rate is provided solely for information. Once we receive your payment, you will receive a payment voucher or confirmation to the email address given on the booking form.

We recommend saving the voucher or confirmation to be able to present it to the Canary Transfer Services driver upon arrival.

The choice of CASH payment is ONLY VALID on Fuerteventura.

Modifications, cancellations and reimbursements

You should please communicate any changes or cancellations to our email address

[email protected] before the date of provision of the service, and will only be considered valid once checked with the transport operator and confirmed to the client by email.

Modifications received up to 48 hours before arrival without any charge except for adjustment of the price according to the new destination.

Any cancellation of the contract must be made in writing through a certified mail, or email addressed to our Customer Service department. Our transfer services can be cancelled separately as well as a complete reservation that includes more than one transfer.

Cancellations received more than 48 hours before the pick-up time of the transfer service you wish to cancel, we will refund the full amount corresponding to this transfer.

There is NO refund of any amount in case the cancellation occurs within 48 hours before the scheduled time for the transfer service you wish to cancel. In this case, we will send you an email with confirmation of the cancellation so that you can use it to claim the amount from your tour operator, airline or insurance company.

Changes or cancellations our part

In extraordinary cases, we can see ourselves in need to cancel your reservation. We will refund the full amount of the service. This refund will cover all obligations towards the customer arising from such cancellation. In any case, we will make the necessary efforts to find viable alternatives to any confirmed reservation that we must cancel.

Flight delays

While you
have completed the flight information in your reservation, we will collect you
at no additional cost by Canary Transfer Services. When the flight indicated in
your reservation has an acceptable delay (up to 1 h -1.5 h), we reorganise the
transfer service so that you will be picked up at the new arrival time. We
apply the IATA flight delays definition to the validity of these conditions. If
there is more delay or cancelled by the airlines on the same day, we will
schedule a new transfer and will provide the necessary invoice/receipt to claim
these costs from the airline. If the delay is related to other circumstances
like the collection of luggage, or any other delay not related to a flight
delay, the client must notify the driver or agency. Otherwise, the carrier
after the courtesy hour (50 minutes) since the arrival of the flight, will
terminate the waiting time, and the service will be invoiced to you with its
full amount.

In case the
driver, either on clients request either to other circumstances have to wait
longer than 50 minutes, a charge from 50 euros per hour, splitted in 30 minutes
of 25 euros is applicable.


Our representative or driver will be waiting at the Arrival Terminal and be holding up a sign with the client´s name or marked with Canary Transfer Services.

Transportation services can be provided by selected providers. All the vehicles to carry out the services comply with all the safety requirements according to European regulations, and periodically pass mandatory periodic technical checks, in order to guarantee safety, reliability and quality in the transfer services.

The client should attend to the representative as soon as possible after landing.

If the client cannot find the driver or representative for whatever reason and arrange other transport himself without calling us, since we are available for 24 hours, every day, we will not refund the service price.

If for any reason, the client is not at the collection point after a reasonable time (50 minutes) of the scheduled pick-up time, we try to contact the client via the mobile number provided at the booking. If it is not possible to contact you, for not giving the correct the phone number of an operating mobile in your reservation, or there is no signal or little battery left or voicemail is (de-)activated, or you do not answer the call, only then our service will not be provided, excerpts Canary Transfer Services from its obligations. Thus, a refund will not be obligatory.

Canary Transfer Services always tries to respect the collection time. If for some reason the collection is delayed more than 20 minutes, Canary Transfer Services notifies the customer of the delay, either directly or via the reception of your accommodation. As long as the delay does not cause any check-in and/or billing issues at the airport, Canary Transfer Services will be exempt from any customer complaint.

When a service is delayed more than 20 minutes without notice from Canary Transfer Services to the client, the client must contact Canary Transfer Services via telephone. If the client seeks alternative transport without calling us, Canary Transfer Services will be exempt from any customer complaint.

Any sports equipment (golf, diving, surf boards, bikes, etc.) has an additional charge.

We require extra charges for services to provide baby and child seats for under two-year-olds. Nevertheless, should any circumstance occur beyond the control of our company, e.g. change of vehicle (accident, failure, flight delay, etc.), our company shall not be obliged to compensation.

Canary Transfer Services and her drivers reserve the right to refuse transfer to any person looking suspicious to have taken alcohol or drugs, or, respectively, if the conduct of such person endangers the safety for the driver, vehicle or other passengers.

Smoking, eating or drinking are not permitted in our vehicles.

Taking pictures inside the vehicle or taking photos of the driver inside or outside the car is not permitted.

All vehicles are completely insured for passenger transfer, as requested by the Spanish legislation. Nevertheless, any client shall be exclusively liable for his/her luggage and objects since they cannot claim in case of loss or damage.

Travel insurance

We strongly recommend that you purchase travel insurance adapted to your needs. Please read the contract carefully and print the document to take it with you when you travel. Proper travel insurance will protect you against a series of risks that are beyond our control.

Our responsibility

No section of these General Conditions limits or excludes a. Our liability to you in case of death or personal injury resulting from our negligent actions. b. Any other right that you are entitled to as a consumer and user and that by law cannot be excluded or limited.

We cannot guarantee one hundred per cent of the accuracy of the contents of this website. The possibility that the page is affected by a computer virus cannot be ruled out. In any case, we will do everything on our part to rectify any error communicated to us in the shortest possible time. If due to one of these errors a reservation is made at a wrong price or with a fake promotion, we reserve the right to terminate the contract without having to compensate the customer.

Force Majeure

We can not be held responsible if the fulfillment of our obligations or those of the transport operator impeded or affected directly or indirectly by or as a result of a force majeure event or any circumstance beyond our control. Including, among others, cases such as extreme weather events, natural disasters, terrorism, accidents of third parties along the route of the transfer, police controls, extraordinary traffic congestion or strikes.

When you make a reservation with Canary Transfer Services, you are accepting all the above terms and conditions.

The Spanish Law enacts these terms and conditions. Any dispute between you and Canary Transfer Services shall be subject to the Court of Las Palmas province, Spain.